Welcome to the Epic Land, idiot.

I stumbled across this place recently. It's really 90s. I like that. It means I can experience something I was never able to.

I mostly do art stuff, here, I'll show you some garbage I make:

Thing I never finished. Was meant to be a reskin of the Doom Mancubus as Joey from JoeysWorldTour. I don't like how it ended up looking like with these first few frames.

This was something I did for a school thing. Give him a name and personality, cos' I don't know.

Profile pic for someone, they never used it.

This was one of the first drawings I did in Aseprite, before I found out about the godsend that is Pixel Perfect.

I'm pretty new to HTML, I think I'll change the colors, it looks very "graphic design is my passion." Whatever, just did this for fun. It's 3AM whilst I'm writing this, too. I should get some sleep.

Oh yeah, here's a list of cool games I like so I can make use of this list template:

I forgot to mention I'm learning Doom Mapping, I might add more details tomorrow. It's getting late.